The 40 Days Prayer Vigil – Really Works!


The 40 Days For life Prayer Vigil takes place during the course of the year. Each vigil lasts for a 40 day period at various Planned Parenthood Facilities throughout the US and the world.

It is a well-known fact that Planned Parenthood is focused only on the money they generate through abortion fees and well as from the fetal tissue they sell for research. They are far less interested in the welfare or a mother and her baby than in their own corporate profits. Planned Parenthood as a politically motivated organization, actively supporting elected officials, lobbying for and benefiting from their support.

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Thousands of infants have been saved through these vigils and many stories of success attest to the goodness of the volunteers who pray in front of various Planned Parenthood facilities. One such recent story a former abortion worker who stopped to thanks to the 40 Days for Life volunteers.

Vigil participants were wrapping up their shift on the sidewalk when a young woman pulled up in her car to chat.

“Now that I don’t work here anymore, I’m allowed to talk to you!” she began. “You are doing good work. Keep it up.”

Vigil participants introduced themselves to the now-former abortion worker, who reported that their peaceful prayer presence disrupts the abortion facility’s operations in two key ways:

         1. Large numbers of abortion clients cancel their appointments when they see prayer warriors on the sidewalk.
         2. “Employees get testy and grumpy and even angry, and it becomes a miserable place to work.”