40 Days For Life-3/2 to 4/10

The March 2 – April 10 40 Days for Life campaign will be the biggest Lenten campaign ever… 588 cities are on board for what will be one of the largest mobilizations of pro-lifers in history! It starts on Ash Wednesday, March 2nd, and runs for 40 days to Palm Sunday, April 10th.

A great opportunity this Lenten season to do something a little different and very special in exercising your belief in protecting life!

Visit 40daysforlife.com/Morristown! Enter your email and a password. You can then access the calendar to sign up for a single hour on a specific day, or choose several times and days. You will also receive daily emails providing updates on hour spots that are still open for the following day. Frequently members will then show up for those open hours. Their website provides all the information needed to participate, or call Carol (201-978-4439).or George (908-447-4433)

Rather than going it alone, join RTL Ministry members each Wednesday and Thursday following the 12:10 mass to go as a group. We’ll meet in front of the rectory entrance. Or call Carol or George and we will arrange to join you, at a time that is convenient for you.

At Planned Parenthood, we simply pray (principally the rosary), while displaying our signs for “Protecting Life”. It is non-confrontational and my experience is there are more thumbs-up and car horns in support of our effort, than objections.

Watching the news and reading the headlines, we may feel helpless seeing the heartbreaking lack of respect for human life. So how do we respond, to protect life and the dignity of life when our individual efforts seem so small and irrelevant, in today’s rapidly changing world?

Recall that God created us in His image and likeness, to have a loving relationship with Him. The essence of our identity and worth, the source of our dignity, is that we are loved by God. That love draws us closer to God and compels us to share this love with others.

So take up your cross and follow Jesus’ teachings of humility, service and love. Recall Jesus’ promise “I am with you always…” (Matt 28:20). Recognize this promise as the true source of our worth – identity and dignity. We belong to God! And with God’s blessings, share God’s love with others… in our actions of caring and in our prayers. Act with the confidence that God will provide us the right actions and words to make a difference in preserving the dignity of others.
Source: Abstract taken from usccb.org/respectlife – “How To Build a Culture of Life



The Right to Life Ministry meets monthly on the third Tuesday at 7PM at the Parish Hall and is open to all Parishioners, please come and help us by sharing your thoughts and ideas on how we can protect life. The next meeting is Tuesday, March, 21st. at OLP.

If you’d like to find out more information, contact Carol Treventi (201-978-4439) or George Muench (908-447-4433)