Family of Faith III – February Session

Our guest lecturer, Sr. Honora Nolty, OP, explained the commandments are rules or directions that, when followed, help you be the best person you can be! The Fifth through Tenth Commandments teach us that things like murder, lying, stealing, and cheating are wrong.
Sr. Honora explained the Fifth through Tenth Commandments in a positive way! For example: be kind to others as well as ourselves (eat good food and exercise), be wholesome, honest, truthful in what you say, pure in your thoughts, and content with what you have!
The Ten Commandments make sense because of the Golden Rule. We all have this sense of justice written on our hearts by God. The Fifth through Tenth Commandments call us to treat everyone with the dignity and respect they are due as persons made in the image and likeness of God, which is how we would like to be treated. These commandments forbid certain attitudes and behaviors that not only harm others, but can hurt our relationship with God as well because they are contrary to His will.
When we break one of the commandments we ask forgiveness from the person we offended and God. In the sacrament of reconciliation or confession, God gives us another chance!
Family assignment for the month of February:
Your Catholic Home, Lent, Page 146
Parents, please Complete your choice of one activity from each of the lessons.
Complete one Activity from Lesson 8: Activity 1,2,4
Complete one Activity from Lesson 9: Activity 1,3,4
Complete the Journey Board Activity (only one this month) in the Parent Guide on page 180-81, Children’s Activity Book, page 129
The next Family of Faith session dates are Sunday, March 1, or Monday, March 2.

The Ten Commandments Song

February Parent Essays, Parent Guide pages 277-282
February Fridge Page, Parent Guide page 147
February Car Conversation, Parent Guide page 149

Additional Resources 
The Fifth through Tenth Commandments: (Fast Forward to approximately 2:30 sec)
Video:  The Fifth Commandment – Promote the Culture of Life – Echo Bishop Donald Hying
Video:  The Sixth Commandment – Marital Fidelity – Echo Bishop Donald Hying
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Video:  The Eighth Commandment – To Tell the Truth -Echo Bishop Donald Hying
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Video:  The Tenth Commandment – Embrace Poverty of Spirit – Echo, Bishop Donald Hying

Lesson 8
Article:  Fr. William Saunders: How to Go to Confession
Video:  For Everyone Doubting Themselves

Lesson 9
Video: Fr. Mike Schmitz, That’s Offensive!
Video:  A Friar Goes to Confession