Family of Faith IV – November 2020

This month Steven Serafin, our guest speaker, shared some ideas on how to build your family’s prayer life:

  1. Start small by using the scheduled time you already have in the day:  meal time, before or after school, and bedtime. 
  2. Create a sacred space in your home by placing a bible, religious articles, and sacramentals in a visible place to remind you to pray. 
  3. Find the style of prayer that works for your family.

We are reminded, Jesus learned how to pray at home, imitating Mary and Joseph’s example. Jesus prayed to God before all the important moments of his life.  He began by giving thanks to God and had confidence that God would hear his prayer.  In order to follow and truly imitate Jesus, we must become familiar with Jesus’ teachings and actions by listening to scripture at Mass and reading the Bible.  Like Jesus, we can grow and deepen our relationship with God through prayer.  When the apostles asked, “Lord, teach us to pray” (Luke 11:1), Jesus modeled for them how to pray to God.  Jesus uses an endearing term for God, “abba” for father and prays the Lord’s Prayer or Our Father. 

Jesus shows us three keys to prayer:  keep our hearts and minds open to changing our ways; have faith that God will answer our prayers; and then watch for God’s response. God uses all he has created in nature, unexpected people, and conversations to speak to us.  God always answers our prayers!  Sometimes God’s answer is yes, sometimes his answer is not now, and sometimes he has something different in store for us, better than we could have expected!  We have to take the time to look for his response! 

Family assignment to do at home for the month of November:
1.  Your Catholic Home, The Jesus Prayer, Page 58
      Choose and Complete:
       – One Activity from Lesson 3, Parent Guide pages 65-72 AND
       – One Activity from Lesson 4, Parent Guide pages 79-90
2.  Prayer Board Activity, Parent Guide Page 74, Activity Book Page 37

Saint of the Month:
Saint Leo the Great, Parent Guide page 91, Activity Book page 47.

Resources for Parents:
Recognizing the different places people may be on their journey of faith, hopefully we’ve provided something for everyone.
Activity:  Our Father Prayer puzzles.
Video:  “Jesus Taught Us to Pray” – Echo, Bishop Donald Hying  Fast Forward to 3:30
Video:  Bishop Barron on “Our Father”
Loyola Press Sunday Mass Resources
Pope Francis – 5 Finger Prayer

Personal Prayer for Kids:
A Simple  Method to Teach Your Children to Pray
Children’s Prayer Bookmarks
Children’s How To  Pray Poster

Catechist’s Corner (Videos):
Mrs. King’s November Lesson, Grades 3 and 4
Mrs. Mahoney’s November Lesson, Grades 5 and up
Mrs. Puorro November Lesson, Grades 1 and 2, Part 1
Mrs. Puorro November Lesson, Grades 1 and 2, Part 2

–  Lectio Divina: Praying with Scripture – Wednesday, November 18,
at 7 p.m., Church
–  The next Family of Faith session: Sunday, December 6, or
Wednesday, December 9.