Family of Faith

October, 2018

Welcome to Family of Faith!

Family of Faith follows the Four Pillars of the Catechism and one pillar is covered each year from September through May. This year we focus on Pillar II: Sacraments.

Each month parents are given a detailed picture of authentic and vibrant Catholic family life, the tools to implement this life in their home, and age-appropriate readings, games, crafts, and other activities to help their children and themselves, deepen their love for Christ and His Church.

2018 – 2019 Family of Faith Calendar

Family of Faith, October Lesson

God is the source of all life and He offers His grace to us in the sacraments.

Family Assignments for the month of October:
  • Read and Practice Your Catholic Home, page 10 in the Parent’s Guide
  • Complete one activity from Lesson 1: God is the Source of all Life.
  • Complete one activity from Lesson 2: What is a Sacrament?
  • Be sure to complete the Grace Person Activity on page 28 in the Parent’s Guide, page 20 in your child’s Activity Book.

November Reminder: Due to the NJ Teachers’ Conference break, our next session dates are Wednesday, November 14, or Sunday, November 18.

October Resource Materials:

Parent Essays
Car Conversations
Fridge Page

Lesson 1 Videos:

Lesson 2 Videos: