Family of Faith III – January Session

Dear Family of Faith Parents,
A special thank you to Anita Foley for inspiring our families with her presentation! I have many “takeaways”. First, the Commandments center us on our loving and forgiving God. Anita explained how relevant the Commandments are to our lives. We all have strange gods that take us away from Him such as work, money, cell phones and, as the kids said, video games. We are called as Catholics to speak about God respectfully and to each other. We all carry the image of God in us. So, when we are unkind to each other, we are unkind to God. Keeping the Sabbath holy can be challenging, but we are called as Catholics to celebrate weekly Sunday Mass as “Little Easter”. Anita shared her broader message of “Honor your mother and father”.  Each family is a domestic church, a tiny church within a larger community of baptized believers. Remember that you ARE a baptized person, not that you WERE baptized. Share your faith origins with your children. Celebrate their baptism date. Lastly, make a faith plan for your family to herald the good news of Jesus Christ!
Family assignment for the month of January:
Your Catholic Home, Feast of the Baptism of the Lord, Page 106
Complete one Activity from Lesson 6
Complete one Activity from Lesson 7
Complete the Journey Board Activity (only one this month) in the Parent Guide on page 126-127, Children’s Activity Book, page 99
The next Family of Faith session dates are Sunday, February 2, or Monday, February 3.
January Parent Essays, Parent Guide pages 270-271
January Fridge Page, Parent Guide page 107
January Car Conversation, Parent Guide page 109
Additional Resources:
The First through Fourth Commandments:
Video:  Believe in the True God – Echo Bishop Donald Hying
Video:  The Second Commandment – Reverence God’s Name –  Echo Bishop Donald Hying 
Video:  The Third Commandment – Love the Lord’s Day – Echo Bishop Donald Hying 
Video:  The Fourth Commandment – Strengthen Your Family – Echo Bishop Donald Hying
Lesson 6
Video:  Bishop Barron on the Ten Commandments
Video:  Jeff Cavins: The Ten Commandments as an Expression of God’s Love
Video:  Ken Yasinski, Three Problems With Self-Help (Catholic Beliefs)
Video:  Ken Yasinski, How To Overcome Resentment, Anger, Bitterness (4 Steps)
Lesson 7
Video:  Chris Stefanick, Your True Identity: Loved
Video:  Ken and Janelle Yasinski: Family Prayer