Family of Faith IV – October

October Family of Faith Lessons:  Prayer and Salvation History

God created us out of love and desires to have a close relationship with us!  Reflecting on the important relationships in our own lives, we know these relationships need to be nurtured.  We must be present, listen, give of our time, and sacrifice our own desires at times for the good of the other.  No less is required of our relationship with God.

We learn about prayer from figures throughout salvation history.  Abraham shows us that prayer requires faith and trust in God. Moses debates, questions and makes excuses and in doing so enters into a conversation with God. And Jesus’ will is in complete conformity with His Father’s will. Jesus initiates a relationship with us and carries our prayers to the Father.

If we truly desire to know God, then we must respond to His invitation of love. Like the Woman at the Well (John 4:4-42), God always takes the first step opening a dialogue with us, a conversation.  In this conversation or prayer we listen and speak to God.  In prayer we share our joys and sorrows with God and ask Him to show us His will for us.  Prayer is a gift and grace from God that we welcome with humble hearts.

To do at Home this month: 

  1. Your Catholic Home:  Prayer to your Guardian Angel, page 16 
  2. Choose and complete:
    One Activity from Lesson 1, Parent Guide pages 23-30.        Recommended Activity:  My Prayer Journal Activity, Parent Guide page 31, Activity Book page 177 AND
    One Activity from Lesson 2, Parent Guide pages 38-52.
    Recommended Activity: A Family Prayer Commitment, Parent Guide page 48, Activity Book page 18
  3. Prayer Board Activity:  Glory Be Cross, Parent Guide page 32, Activity Book page 12. (Orange folder provided).

Additional Resources for Parents:
Recognizing the different places people may be on their journey of faith, hopefully we’ve provided something for everyone.
Video: Does God Hear My Prayers? Ken Yasinski
Video: God Calls Us to Pray Bishop Donal Hying (f.f. to 3 min)
Article: Silence
Video: Having a Personal Relationship with Christ Bishop Robert Barron
Podcast: The Ways of Prayer Bishop Robert Barron
Salvation History Timeline

Catechist Lessons, Video Links
Mrs. Puorro October Lesson for Grades 1 and 2, Part 1
Mrs. Puorro October Lesson for Grades 1 and 2, Part 2
Mrs. Puorro Catholic Pray Puzzle Link
Mrs. King October Lesson for Grade 3 and 4
Mrs. Mahoney October Lesson for Grades 5 and up,  Part 1
Mrs. Mahoney October Lesson for Grade 5 and up, Part 2
Ms. Karipel, October Lesson for Grade 5 and Up

Saint of the Month:
Saint Teresa of Avila, Parent Guide page 53, Activity Book page 22.
“For prayer is nothing else than being on terms of friendship with God.”
“Let nothing disturb you.  Let nothing make you afraid. All things are passing.  God alone never changes.  Patience gains all things.  If you have God, you will want for nothing.  God alone suffices”   —St. Teresa of Avila