November Highlights

Here is a short list of Parish events,  click here to go to the bulletin for more details:

Mondays – Weekly Sandwich Ministry  at 1 pm Parish Hall. Make or bring sandwiches for those in need also fruit and snacks are welcomed. Monetary donations needed. 
Tuesdays – Food Pantry 10-12 am and last Saturday of the Month.

1 – All Saints Day Masses at 7am, 12:10pm. and 7:30pm
2 – All Souls Day Masses at 7am, 12:10pm. and 7:30pm
4 – BOLD Middle –  Boxes of Joy 7-8:30pm PH 
11-13 BOLD EMBOLDEN Retreat High School Teens, see bulletin for details
15 – Sandwiches for St. Joe’s – drop off at Rectory Monday afternoon or Tuesday before 9:30 am
17 – BOLD TNL 7-8:30 PH
17 – AOLP Early Childhood Program Meet and Greet 9:30-10:30 at the Academy
23 – Thanksgiving Eve Mass – 7:30pm
24 – Thanksgiving Mass 8:30am  Parish Offices Closed
25 – Parish Offices Closed
26 – Small Christian Communities Begin Meetings