Prayer Shawl Ministry

The prayer shawl ministry began in the US about ten years ago. Today, Christian and Jewish women and men are knitting or crocheting shawls throughout the country.

The OLP Prayer Shawl Ministry provides shawls for parishioners, their families and friends. As Ministry members prepare to start each shawl, they light a candle and ask God to guide them through their work, praying constantly for the person who will receive the shawl. Upon completion of the shawl, they pray a specific dedication prayer for whomever receives it.

The Ministry members knit and crochet primarily at home. The group meets every few months.

The Ministry accepts donations of yarn, we use Lions Brand Homespun, 3 skeins are needed to complete each shawl.

To acquire a shawl from OLP, or to join the Ministry, please call the rectory or Gail Seely at 908-464-4109.


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