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OLP – OLP has installed a new camera and audio system to improve the livestream of daily and weekend masses. The masses will be livestreamed on OLP’s own YouTube channel.   Click here for YouTube  When you go to the OLP YouTube channel, please hit Subscribe. Click here for FB.

Mass Attendance Reminder – Although we love having you celebrate Mass with us in person we must adhere to state and Archdiocesan regulations. 150 is our capacity. Please arrive for Mass with ample time to procure a spot. Standing at the back of the church is prohibited. If there are no available spots in the pews, we are at capacity. Please try another mass or watch us via Livestream on YouTube, (Our Lady of Peace, New Providence, Livestream).

Have a Blessed, Happy Easter!


 EASTER 2021 – a Reflection

            by Leo Piovano

Slowly but surely nature is awakening, its magic box of colors is open to
allow painting to begin for yet another season in the sun.
Just in time to mark a very special celebration—mysterious- holy- sacred in the manifestation of God’s power to announce a resurrection,
proclaiming peace and teaching forgiveness and love.
The night is over – the gloom is gone – the tomb is empty –
Up on a distant hill a cross stands naked in the wind.
radiant in the golden light of a sunrise.
Birds sing- flowers bloom-
Across the land bells ring to tell one and all that the Son of God has risen!
From a multitude of thoughts about this central belief of our faith,
spring many reflections which translate into a deep question-
Who is there so bold and daring. so overflowing with self confidence,
who can claim no need for spiritual strength and
the grace necessary for a personal resurrection?
We have shared – and still share – with humanity –
a long and painful walk that has altered our way of life—
we have been together crawling thru a dark tunnel –
We finally begin to see some light –
we pray it may be for all of us –
family-friends-neighbors and strangers the beginning of a new day!
The Easter candle is lit –
it calls us to be witnesses to His resurrection-
be a light in the darkness-
to be a voice of joy and hope to all we meet on our walk thru life-

April Events

Here is a listing of February Events. For more information, click here for the Bulletin.

Mondays – Fr. Bill’s Sandwich Ministry – makes sandwiches for various outreach programs 1-2pm in PH. Drop off sandwiches, snacks, fruit during that time. Contact rectory for more information -908-464-7600
Tuesdays Food Pantry – 10 am-12pm
4 – Easter Egg Hunt after 10 am Mass for kids under 10
10 – Market Street Mission Clothing Drive – 9-noon PH
17 – AOL Cub Scout Pack 99 and NP Boy Scout Electronic Recycling Collection before and after all weekend Masses
20 – Sandwiches for St. Joe’s – see instructions in bulletin.
25 – AOLP Spring Raffle – details in bulletin

Fr. Charlie has gone home to God

Rev. Msgr. Charles Gusmer
October 11, 1938 – March 23, 2021

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of our beloved Fr. Charlie.
His Family is planning services in late April. We will keep you updated. Please pray for the repose of Fr. Charlie’s soul and his family as they grieve.

Food Pantry

The OLP Food Pantry is open on Tuesdays, from 10:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. Pre-packaged bags have been distributed to an average of 40 families per week thanks to your generosity. The following items are in most need: cereal, canned pasta, pasta sauce, stuffing and
Hamburger Helper. The Pantry is also in need of paper and plastic bags.
You can drop off donations at the Rectory from Monday to Friday – 8am to 6pm
Thank you for allowing the Pantry to serve those in need with your donations.

The Food Pantry will deliver supplemental food to seniors during this troubling time. If you need assistance, please call the rectory at 908 464-7600 and leave your name and phone number at the front desk. Someone from the Food Pantry will contact you.

Volunteers Needed

The Prayer Shawl Group is looking for knitters to make shawls. Call Gail Seeley if interested – 908 464-4109. 

Market Street Mission Clothes Drive is looking for volunteer to help with the Drive on the 2nd Saturday of the month from 9-noon. Please call Mary Jane Detlet at 908 464-2314. 



  • We really could use ushers for the weekend masses. Ushers are needed to ensure everyone has a seat and are socially distant. Please contact the office at 908-464-7600 if you can help.
  • Please be considerate of those coming in to mass after you. If there is a spot
    available please move down to next yellow dot. We want to avoid having people
    stand in the back of church.
  • If you would like a 2021 Word & Song book to follow the readings during Mass,
    please call the rectory at 908-464-7600 to have one put aside for you to pick up.
    2021 calendars as well as Advent Devotionals are also available.
  • Collections have been way down since Covid-19 started. Please prayerfully consider supporting the parish even if you are staying home. Unfortunately, the bills don’t stop when attendance is down! You may drop off or mail your envelopes. We also have online giving through WeShare. Click here to go to WeShare.

Online Mass Information

There are many sources/websites to see the Mass on tv or on-line:
OLP – OLP has installed a new camera and audio system to improve the livestream of daily and weekend masses. The masses will be livestreamed on OLP’s own YouTube channel and Facebook.  Click here for YouTube  When you go to the OLP YouTube channel, please hit Subscribe. Click here for FB.
Click on highlighted text to go to links.
The Newark Archdiocese has a list of parishes that are live streaming Sunday Mass
click here to view
EWTN – various times on tv and online  at EWTN website
WLIW – Sunday Mass by the Passionists Community at 9 am  on WLIW or stream anytime
Boston Catholic TV Network – stream anytime  
Canadian TV Network – stream anytime
St. Teresa of Avila is livestreaming masses. Click here for information.
Little Flower is livestreaming masses on You Tube.


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    Prayer Shawls Available

    Do you know someone who is suffering physically or mentally and could use some comfort? Consider giving them a prayer shawl. The Prayer Shawl Club has been tirelessly knitting beautiful shawls while praying. Each beautiful shawl comes in a gift bag with a prayer. They are free, just call the rectory. 908 464 7600.