Family of Faith IV – September Orientation

Family of Faith equips and supports parents to:

  • Take ownership of their children’s faith formation
  • Become disciples of Jesus and pass that faith on to their family
  • Develop their relationship with Jesus Christ

Through family catechesis, parents are able to pass on their faith to their children by sharing the importance of knowing God and the teaching of the Catholic Faith!  Families attend Mass each weekend and strive to live the Catholic faith in the home.  The faith is shared through the normal interaction taking place in everyday family life. 

This year we focus on Christian prayer, Pillar IV of the Catechism, and why it is essential to growing in relationship with God.

Each month parents:
Read the Parent Essays for each lesson located in back of the Parent Guide, Appendix A, beginning on page 285.
Complete Your Catholic Home:  This is an easy and practical way to bring the Faith into your family life.
Complete at least one activity from each lesson Choose only the activities you believe will work best for your family.  Think quality not quantity! 

  • Read “What you need to know section” in each activity for your understanding, then do the activity with your child.  Look for simple ways to integrate discussion into your family life.  See Making the most of Activities (page iv). 
  • Use the additional electronic resources provided and when appropriate, watch or discuss them with your child.
  • The “My Prayer Journal” activity is a good way to help your child reflect on and respond to God’s word. 

Prayer Board Activity (required), Push Pin Icon:
Each month one activity will go onto a “Prayer Board” (orange folder we provided).  This year-long project helps us remember how prayer is a response to God’s love for us and how we grow in a relationship with Him.  See Parent Guide page 3 for details.

September Assignment:
Your Catholic Home:  Set up a prayer corner in your home!  Parent Guide, page 4.
Activity 2:  Basic Catholic Prayers.  Review or learn these basic prayers of our faith!  Parent Guide, page 7.

Additional Resources:
Song: Rodney Atkins