Family of Faith III – December Session

The Cardinal and Theological Virtues

One of the goals of Christian life is to strive for holiness and to be like Christ!  Our habits can help us or hurt us in our daily efforts to follow in the footsteps of Jesus leading to our eternal destination, heaven!

Virtues are attitudes and dispositions that govern the way we think and act.  Like any habit, the virtues need to be cultivated so they remain strong and influential in our lives.  The more we practice the virtues, the more they flourish and make us holy!  It is important to form our conscience so that we become more naturally attracted to the good, true and beautiful.  Like a muscle that will atrophy if not exercised, the virtues will remain dormant if we do not practice them!

The church focuses on these seven key virtues:
The Cardinal or human virtues are:  Prudence, Temperance, Justice and Fortitude.  All other virtues hinge on or stem from these cardinal virtues.  These virtues forge our human character.

The Theological virtues are:  Faith, Hope and Love.  These virtues are a gift from God that we need to activate!  The Theological virtues foster our relationship with God and enter our soul through the sanctifying grace we receive at baptism.

Family assignments for the month of December:
Your Catholic
Home, page 82 in the Parent Guide:  Advent
Click Here for a printable children’s Advent Calendar
Complete one Activity from Lesson 5
Complete the Journey Board Activity on page 99
Children’s Activity Book, pages 79-81

The next Family of Faith session dates are Sunday, January 5 or Monday, January 6.

Please contact the Catechetical Office at 908-464-8156 or, if you have any questions.

Monthly Assignments:
December Parent Essay, Parent Guide pages 270-271
December Fridge Page, Parent guide page 83
December Car Conversation, Parent Guide page 85

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