Have a Blessed, Happy Easter!


 EASTER 2021 – a Reflection

            by Leo Piovano

Slowly but surely nature is awakening, its magic box of colors is open to
allow painting to begin for yet another season in the sun.
Just in time to mark a very special celebration—mysterious- holy- sacred in the manifestation of God’s power to announce a resurrection,
proclaiming peace and teaching forgiveness and love.
The night is over – the gloom is gone – the tomb is empty –
Up on a distant hill a cross stands naked in the wind.
radiant in the golden light of a sunrise.
Birds sing- flowers bloom-
Across the land bells ring to tell one and all that the Son of God has risen!
From a multitude of thoughts about this central belief of our faith,
spring many reflections which translate into a deep question-
Who is there so bold and daring. so overflowing with self confidence,
who can claim no need for spiritual strength and
the grace necessary for a personal resurrection?
We have shared – and still share – with humanity –
a long and painful walk that has altered our way of life—
we have been together crawling thru a dark tunnel –
We finally begin to see some light –
we pray it may be for all of us –
family-friends-neighbors and strangers the beginning of a new day!
The Easter candle is lit –
it calls us to be witnesses to His resurrection-
be a light in the darkness-
to be a voice of joy and hope to all we meet on our walk thru life-