Have a Happy, Blessed Easter Season!

  Do you know what is the number one reason to celebrate Easter every year? Not referring to what is Easter about, but what’s the reason that we need to celebrate it every year? Very simply, to remind all of us of the beautiful, and completely underserving, gift that God has chosen to give us. A gift that no one else but He Himself can give, the death and resurrection of His son for our eternal salvation. As we celebrate today, and as we live our faith each and every day, let us never forget this beautiful gift that God gave us, which unfortunately we so often forget.
 To our parishioners and your families, to our friends and all those visiting us today, we, the priests of the parish, wish you a happy and blessed Easter. May the graces from this gift of God to us continue to carry all of us throughout our lives.
                   Happy Easter Everyone!!