Healing Our Church Starts 10/22

Each person who agrees to participate in the process is asked to attend all 6 sessions, if possible. Each session is planned for 90 minutes. We know life happens, so you may need to miss one session here or there. If this happens you can catch up by reading the session on your own. Basically, this is a 6-week commitment.
We ask that each participant purchase his/her own book, ($10). This will permit each person to read ahead, know what to expect, be prepared, participate in the conversation. Books may be purchased at the rectory beginning September 1. We will also have books available at the first session, Oct 22.
The session topics or themes are:
 Facing the Truth
 Healing Our Wounds
 Rebuilding Our Church
 Why do I Remain Catholic?
 We Believe
 We Are the Church