Pastor’s Projects

Upkeep of the Parish Grounds

         How often do we stop and reflect on how lucky we are in reference to our parish, but on top of that, its location and size? Not only is it in a great and safe location, but its size allows us to have a school, a parish hall, a playground, outdoor sports area, areas to walk around and pray or meditate, and let’s not forget space for our great fair and plenty of parking.
         We are also very blessed to have a group of phenomenal parishioners who take care of the gardens on an ongoing basis (and always looking for volunteers too–no experience necessary–they’ll train). As you may have noticed, great changes have been made this past year, mostly due to them. To all of them, thank you so, so, so, very much. If you think the grounds look great, let them know.
         Recently we were joined by two different landscaping companies who have donated their time and helped us in three different areas (property entrance, along the parish hall as you come in from the parking lot, and church entrance by Our Lady’s garden. To the two of them also, a very special thank you. But we continue to work and upgrade . . .
         We are now buying specific plants that will help complement and harmonize with what we already have, and spring bulbs to plant so that in early spring we can literally have a blooming garden. So, if you would like to join the group or just assist with a financial contribution, it would be greatly appreciated. We’ll also take prayers for our cause. Whichever way you decide to go, thank you so much and God bless.

Ongoing Formation

         We constantly hear that we need to catechize, spread the faith, and reach out to others. We hear about mission work in third-world countries, of missionaries leaving or coming back, and how we are doing God’s work there, but in the midst of all this ‘spreading the word of God’ to the people at home gets ‘kinda’ lost. What I mean is, we ourselves need it also. Sunday morning homilies, which is basically what most Catholics get in the way of catechism, is not enough. I don’t write this as a criticism or judgment but it is the fact. So, following both last Christmas and this past Easter, I want to use this moment as an opportunity for faith formation and growth. Last year for Christmas we put together one of our crazy and ‘goofy’ videos, one that was created for the purpose of teaching the younger generations about Advent, and we sent it to all families in our religious education program and school, and posted it on the parish website. From it I received a large number of beautiful emails in which many said they learned so much about Advent, especially the importance and the need to live it.
         Inspired by this, I have decided to extend the program, but at the same time try to reach out to where all of you are and try to fit it into your very busy schedules. The ‘program’ as I’m calling it will focus on helping us learn new things, or remember things that we learned long ago but have forgotten, all the while growing in faith and increasing our prayer life as well. In the end, it will help us achieve a greater and closer relationship with God.
        Please join me in this venture; please keep this project in your prayers. It is the obligation of every Catholic, by way of baptism, to pray for each other and help each other grow in faith. Thank you.
         Below you will find a link if you would like to help subsidize this project. You don’t have to–that’s not what this post is about–but in the event you choose to, thank you so very much. Just keep in mind it is a restricted donation, which means it is not included with your weekly collection (I mention this in reference to your tax donation letter at the end of the year) but I will send you a separate letter so you may add it to your other donations for tax credit.
                                        Click here to support Pastor’s Projects.
     Thank you and God bless, and may we all grow in faith and closer to God together.