Pope Francis’ Comments on Abortion

Pope Francis, in a recent interview stated- “It’s Not Right to Eliminate Human Life to Resolve a Problem”
On the subject of abortion, the Pope says, he always asks two very clear questions: “Is it fair to eliminate a human life in order to solve a problem?”. The answer to which is: no. “Second question: is it fair to pay a sniper to solve a problem? No. Abortion is not a religious problem in the sense that just because I am Catholic I must not seek an abortion. It is a human problem”, says Pope Francis. “It is a problem of eliminating a human life. Period”.

Pope Francis’ opinion on life has been consistent and clear. Research online, aleteia.org for an abundance of articles covering the Pope Francis’ comments throughout His papacy.

Use the SEARCH FUNCTION to get a list of articles. The article titled, “The Holy Father confronts the issue of abortion primarily as a pastor and father, who sees the suffering of his sheep”, provides a good summary under 12 headings.