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The Right to Life Ministry meets monthly on the third Tuesday at 7PM in the Parish Hall and is open to all Parishioners. Please come and share your thoughts and ideas. RTL will not be meeting in the summer months. Although we usually meet the third Tuesday of the month, our  September meeting is the 27th.

If you have any questions or would like to  find out more information,  contact Carol Treventi (201-978-4439) or George Muench (908-447-4433).
The Right to Life Ministry is dedicated to building a Culture of Life where all lives matter… from conception to natural death! We hope to provide, herein, information on events and resources where parishioners can get involved in protecting life!

Our Mission:
        1) Promote prayer and raise awareness among parishioners in Our Lady of Peace (OLP) Parish.
        2) Provide actionable programs, were parishioners can get involved in expressing their concern, interest and faith by building a “Culture of Life” within OLP.

Even if you are not able to directly participate, PRAY, as often as you can, for God’s blessings to ABOLISH ABORTION.

Below are links to recently published articles by Pope Francis on standing up for the culture of life from The Catholic News Agency.  
“Faith is like fire, not a Lullaby”
“The World is evil, not Christian”  

Click here to see how the U.S. Bishops’ Pro-Life Chairman Responds to Executive Order Facilitating Abortion

Catholic World Report in its recent article – “The Fifties, Freedom, and the Future of the Family” nicely addresses events that shaped todays culture of life.  

Archbishop Joseph F. Naumann from the Archdiocese of Kansas City authored two recent articles on EWTN, including: “Our Moral Responsibility As Catholic Citizens” and “Bishops’ Statements on Abortion”, and participated on EWTN’s Pro-Life Weekly broadcast [Episode – June 23, 2022]. Go to  EWTN’s search function to find additional Pro-life material.

Click here to read Frank Tinari’s August newsletter “Family and ProLife News Briefs.” Frank Tirari, PhD, is a Professor Emeritus at Seton Hall University.

Women do have choices!
An abundance of misinformation is generated through the internet, news and televised broadcast. But there are reliable pro-life centers readily available that will provide help and guidance, and answer questions.

A few good websites to research reliable information include: studentsforlife.org, lifenews.com, catholiccitizens.org. usccb.org/prolife/walking-moms-need, njrtl.org, focusonthefamily.org

Local Pregnancy Centers include: inspirefamilylifecenter.com (732-595-2392 –Warren), 1stchoice.org (973-834-8990 – Morristown), lifechoicesrc.com (732-516-0822- Metuchen), severalsources.org (201-818-9033 – Ramsey), rcan.org/offices-and-ministries/respect-life/pregnancy-resource-centers (Mercy House – 973-497-4350 – Newark)

Chemical Abortions: Students for life provide comprehensive, reliable information on all aspects of a Chemical Abortion. Visit – https://studentsforlife.org/2021/10/12/heres-the-ultimate-guide-to-chemical-abort.

Reversal – It is currently possible to “reverse” a chemical abortion if only the first regimen has been taken. The first drug, Mifepristone, functions by blocking progesterone from the baby which is fatal. But hundreds of babies have been saved by Abortion Pill Reversal, the quick administration of progesterone within 72 hours of ingesting Mifepristone. For information call 24/7 HELPLINE 1-877-558-0333

Visit the Live Action website at https://www.liveaction.org/news/category/abortion-pill/ for more information and relevant articles on “The Abortion Pill”

Students for Life (SFLA) is an active group focused on providing information on college campuses as well as church communities. They have built an aggressive grass roots program to help protect life!

Taylor McGee, our Regional Coordinator for SFLA, noted that their mission is to educate the community on life principles and to create an awareness of the Crisis Pregnancy Centers. 

Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs) that offer women’s health services (minus abortion) combined with pregnancy resource centers (PRCs) greatly outnumber abortion clinics such as Planned Parenthood.

Pregnancy centers are typically privately funded, and focused on supporting pregnant women with medical care and referrals, education, mentoring, and material support at virtually no cost to the client. The majority of PRC funds come from donors, although some centers receive minimal taxpayer support. In contrast, Planned Parenthood receives significant funding from state and federal agencies, and is itself a major contributor to political organizations.

The Supreme Court’s action is a great victory, culminating decades of prayer and hard work. Many states have already taken action to either prohibit abortion or clearly define limitations on when an abortion can be performed.

On the other hand, NJ has chosen to aggressively support abortion right through birth. While NJ is not alone, as residents of NJ, we certainly have the right to express our opinion, especially when NJ is using our tax dollars to fund these activities.