• We really could use ushers for the weekend masses. Ushers are needed to ensure everyone has a seat and are socially distant. Please contact the office at 908-464-7600 if you can help.
  • Please be considerate of those coming in to mass after you. If there is a spot
    available please move down to next yellow dot. We want to avoid having people
    stand in the back of church.
  • If you would like a 2021 Word & Song book to follow the readings during Mass,
    please call the rectory at 908-464-7600 to have one put aside for you to pick up.
    2021 calendars as well as Advent Devotionals are also available.
  • Collections have been way down since Covid-19 started. Please prayerfully consider supporting the parish even if you are staying home. Unfortunately, the bills don’t stop when attendance is down! You may drop off or mail your envelopes. We also have online giving through WeShare. Click here to go to WeShare.