An Easter Reflection By Leo Piovano

Slowly but surely nature is awakening – its magic box of colors is open and the painting has begun- just in time for a glorious celebration – Holy – Mysterious – Sacred in the manifestation of God’s Power, announcing salvation – proclaiming peace – teaching love !

The night is over – the gloom is gone – the tomb is empty – in the distance – on a hill –a cross stands naked in the wind, radiant in the golden light of a brilliant sunrise —- birds sing- flowers bloom- across the land, bells ring with joy and alleluia –the Lord of Life has Triumphed – the Son of God has Risen!

From a multitude of thoughts spring reflections which best translate into questions:

How could I possibly continue my journey through time – stumbling here – falling there – struggling not to lose hope if there were no Easter morning? His hand grasping mine to lift me up!

Who is there so bold and daring –so boastful and self confident as to claim no need for forgiveness and resurrection?

Who can bear pain –find healing for a heart broken by death and destruction- emerge from the darkness of that inevitable hour of doubt and delusion which tests one’s faith in god and in his creatures- without Jesus’ resurrection?

The Easter candle is lit –it calls us to be witnesses of His resurrection – to be a light in the darkness for a modern world still afflicted by violence and misery –

That We Be an Alleluia People! —-This should be a fitting prayer in this Easter Season 2014!


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2015 Mass Book Open

To sign up for masses, visit the rectory.

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Check Out OLP’s New Facebook Page

Check out the new OLP Facebook page – Our Lady of Peace Church, New Providence, NJ.  Click here to view the facebook page

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Country Fair – May 7th to May 10th

Click here for Country Fair Information

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How to Sign up for ParishPay – Electronic Giving

Our Lady of Peace has introduced electronic giving for Sunday Collections and other special collections. The company that the Church is utilizing is ParishPay.

If a parishioner wishes to sign up to give electronically, he/she can be given the folling instructions.

Electronic Giving can be initiated either by:

Calling the ParishPay call center at 1-866-727-4741, option #1

Point your browser to
Select Parishioner, and highlight “Register”
Enter zip code 07974 to bring up Our Lady of Peace in New Providence
Select “enroll to give” right next to the Church name
This will bring you to the “Select Funds” page. This is where you select how much to give and to which collections.
As you continue, you will be asked for name, address and if using a credit card or checking account

If you have any problems, you may call the ParishPay call center at 1-866-727-4741, option #1

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