Parish Calendar Problem – Today’s Date at Bottom of List

We are having a problem with our parish calendar on the right side of this page. The current day is at the bottom of the list instead of the top. We are working with the software vendor to fix the problem. Sorry for any inconvenience this causes.

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Holy Week Schedule/Events

Confessions – 7-8PM

Holy Thursday:
The Rectory will be closed

8:30 AM Morning Prayer
7:30 PM Mass of the Lord’s Supper

Good Friday: The Passion of the Lord:
The Rectory will be closed
8:30 AM Morning Prayer
3:00 PM The Passion
Ecumenical Service at Faith Lutheran Church,
New Providence at 12:00 Noon
Mary’s Way of the Cross, 7:00 PM

Holy Saturday:
8:30 AM Morning Prayer
8:30 PM Easter Vigil

Easter Sunday Masses:
7:30 AM, 9:00 AM, 10:30 AM and 12:00 Noon
(There will be an Easter Egg Hunt after the 9am Mass)

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2015 Mass Book Open

To sign up for masses, visit the rectory.

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Lenten Reflection

That forty days journey we call Lent has begun- It invites us to reflect on those dramatic descriptions from the Holy Book about deserts and solitude, abandonment and pain and then that ultimate triumph from death to resurrection – It’s a time that calls for penance and sacrifice and a deep and closer look into our own spirituality

Penance – Sacrifice? – with this everlasting winter, its bitter cold and the barriers of dirty snow still surrounding us, the opportunity to practice both has been ample!

But perhaps we could seriously confront a question: Do we really know where we are going?  The question springs from a casual observation of everyday scenes in our town – People running in different directions – cell phones glued to their ears.  Even doing it while pushing shopping carts paying little or no attention to cars navigating crowded parking lots – Why such urgency? Why this compelling need for instant communication and the expected gratification? Is the world coming to an end tomorrow? And if it should – Have I considered if I am prepared to face what would follow?

Can we manage to find some way to slow down this Lent – Catch our breath – Stop to make space for thinking and for praying – Space for someone in need for whom we pause and say – “I AM HERE!”

The scriptures tell us of a blind man who upon hearing the Master was approaching cried out in a loud voice “Grant that I may see Lord”

Could that cry possibly be MINE?

Leo Piovano

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Check Out OLP’s New Facebook Page

Check out the new OLP Facebook page – Our Lady of Peace Church, New Providence, NJ.  Click here to view the facebook page


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