Christmas Schedule


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Thanksgiving Reflection by Leo Piovano

We wanted to share Leo’s beautiful Thanksgiving Reflection. Even though the day is over, the thoughts are timeless:

Reflection – We are gathered to salute that special season of the year for which mother nature has prepared us in the last weeks by furiously painting in brilliant shades hills and valleys – fields and forests – offering us as gift the awesome display of all colors only God can make – Did I stop on my hurried way long enough to look and admire – long enough to pause and say thanks-? Perhaps not – if so this is now the time and the place for me to reflect and consider the measure of my gratitude for oh so many things!

We are in a season of the year when a large golden moon scatters the darkness of night with its splendor, appearing so near we feel like we can reach t touch it – It will not come this close again for eighteen years- for some of us this will be the last time we have such an opportunity- I went outside a few nights ago for a good look and found my thoughts drifting far away into the vast of sea of mystery where God dwells in all His majesty…and from there continued to a place we all share – where memories live- where all the people I miss are gathered- people  loved – People I knew- people who sat in these pews- friends-neighbors-all people I wish I could see one more time! They have all gone to take their assigned place somewhere in God’s universe-I wonder where that is- I wonder what they do day in-day out- One thing I believe – they pray for those with whom they shared their lives on earth-this is the month I am asked to pray for them- my heart overflows with thanksgiving for all the blessings their prayers keep sending my way.

And this is the time of year we have been telling each other how we survived an unusual electoral campaign- As we know such exercise can only end one way- somebody wins-somebody loses—that remains a proper outcome in a democratic society- But in November 2016 freedom of choice came with some pain – having to witness the collapse of civility in discourse – the debasement of language in the public arena – the realization that children took notice and there lingers a shadow somewhere!

But let us rejoice Tomorrow (Thanksgiving) brings us a redemption of sort with one of the happiest feasts in our calendar – calling for smiles and for sharing—Children –seniors and all in between invited to take place at a festive table in a circle of love and friendship  joined in grateful prayer for the blessings received, as individuals – as a community and as a country – it’s a coast to coast celebration of national unity giving witness to a freedom which encompasses respect for differences, appreciation for diversity and deep awareness of the urgent need we have to work together combining each other’s gifts for the common good – in service to one flag – one people – one Lord of Mercy!

This past Sunday the church officially marked the end of the Jubilee year of mercy proclaimed by Pope Francis last December. The holy doors of cathedrals around the world have been closed. But I know my personal door of mercy and your personal door of mercy cannot close – It cannot because the need to be forgiven never ends – To be forgiven by family – to be forgiven by friends – to be forgiven by strangers – The door of mercy cannot close because to be forgiven is the beginning of Thanksgiving-

And so – as we often sing together here at Our Lady of Peace, “Now thank we all our God – with heart – and hands and voices.”

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Rosary Altar Society Christmas Wreath & Poinsettia Sale – Saturday & Sunday

December 3rd and 4th the Rosary Altar Society will have its Annual Christmas Wreath & Poinsettia Sale in the Parish Hall. The Knights of Columbus will also be selling Keep Christ in Christmas magnets. Please join the Knights in giving witness to a visible reminder of the true meaning of Christmas!

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First Sunday of Advent

advent wreath

Week One:

The first candle is lit, and the prayer for the first week is said.


Let us pray.
Stir up Thy might, we beg Thee, O Lord,
and come, so that we may escape through Thy protection
and be saved by Thy help from the dangers
that threaten us because of our sins.
Who livest and reignest for ever and ever.

All: Amen.

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Parish Day of Service – Thank You!

We’d like to thank all the parishioners who came out and volunteered their services today!

Your help was greatly appreciated!

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