EMOHC Home Visits

  Zone 1 Zone 2
7 M. Ventura D. Assaro
14 C. Boucher M. Savage
21 E. Mahoney V. Lewandowski
28  H. Picone P. Johnson
4 J. Malinauskas M. Ventura
11  E. Mahoney; T. Woodard
18   D. Assaro C. Boucher
25  P. Johnson J. Malinauskas
1 V. Lewandowski D. & S. Janazzo
8 M. Ventura M. Savage
15 C. Boucher H. Picone
22 T. Woodard M. Del Monte
29 D. & S. Janazzo D. Sullivan


Doreen Assaro&nbsp C 917-714-7437 Eleanor Mahoney H 908-665-2149
Charles Boucherohn  H 908-273-2853 J Malinauskas C 908-313-0831
Maddie Del Monte C 908-222-6500 Helen Picone C 908-477-3956
Dave &Sue Janazzo H 908-464-3896 Michael Savage C 908-400-6885
Paul Johnson C 908-642-5907 Dolores Sullivan C 908-337-7293
Vicki Lewandowski   H 908-723-4571 Mike Ventura C 908-447-0483
Rich & Barbara Maggi  H 908-464-1147 Terri Woodard C 908-656-4322

Please try and make your appointments with your Communicates the day before your visit. The homebound appreciates knowing when you are coming. Bring a bulletin for each. Remember to get a substitute or switch days with someone when you can’t make it. If you do switch Sundays, please contact the rectory so that they can update the schedule.
This schedule is posted in the Sacristy, outside Fr. Bill’s Office, at the Rectory Reception Desk, and also on the parish website www.olpnp.com. Remember to write the names of those you have distributed Holy Communion to in the Sick Call Register located on the right of the rectory front reception desk.
This ministry is truly appreciated by those you visit. Please continue to bring your joy of the Lord to those you serve.
Thank you for your continuing support of this ministry. Have a blessed Easter and a wonderful Spring.
John Malinauskas H 908-464-1209, C 908-313-0831 or maly41@verizon.net